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Sherlock Fanfic Lists

The link to the New and Improved list is here:
Livejournal: http://reads4pleasure.livejournal.com/886.html
Dreamwidth: http://reading4pleasure.dreamwidth.org/562.html

I want to thank the wonderful Alicombs for taking over the list and for putting up with my very busy RL. It been a wonderful year, but I think its time for someone to take over this list who can take better care of it.

Thank you all. :)

Top!Sherlock/Bottom!John Fanfic List

Good news everyone! Alicombs has offered to take over the list!

We are still in the middle of setting up the new list, but watch this space for a link to the new list. :)

Thank you Alicombs! :D

I have a seldom used Dreamwidth account. I will put up a back-up version of the list there.

Dreamwidth back-up pages:
Top!Sherlock/Bottom!John: http://hestiahetria.dreamwidth.org/505.html
Top!Holmes/Bottom!Watson: http://hestiahetria.dreamwidth.org/626.html

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for important notes.

Just to reiterate:

• These fanfics rating's will consist of R-18 only.

• All of these fanfic are completed.

• This will not be a rec list. I do have favorites, but these are not it. The fanfictions that will be published on this journal is simply a collection of all the Sherlock/John fanfic I have found out there. And I do mean I will publish all the Top!Sherlock/Bottom!John fics I find. So PLEASE head the warnings.

• There are very few long fics, I'll have more time after Finals.

• I don't mean to start a position(?) war. If you like John/Sherlock, that's fine too. This is just my personal kink.

Now on with the list:

Author: Kirakira-Noda

1. For the Screams by kirakira_nanoda
Sequel: For the Screams pt 2
(Body piercings in strategic places, need I say more?)

2. If I Died, You Would be Damaged, but If You died, I Would be Destroyed by kirakira_nanoda

3. Mildly Interesting by kirakira_nanoda
(WARNING: this does have an appearance from Mycroft, but there really isn't any sexual interaction)

4. Shower Sex by kirakira_nanoda

5. How Sherlock Deals with Jealousy! by kirakira_nanoda
(Some OMC/John, but then complete Sherlock/John)

6. Bows, Skulls, and Tea Mugs by kirakira_nanoda
(Angry Sex)

7. Red Hats and Sweaters by kirakira_nanoda
(Amusing Christmas sex)

8. How to Get Filthy Whilst Getting Clean by kirakira_nanoda
Sequel: My Way of Saying I Like You

Author: Velvet-Mace
(Some of these stories have some elements of dub-con, BDSM, and non-con)

9. The Proposition by Velvet_Mace
(WARNING: dub-con)
Sequel: Slow Sweet Surrender

10. Pleasure-Dome Hotel by Velvet_Mace

11. Immortal Love by Velvet_Mace

12. Nothing Else by Roquentine

13. First Time by Lucy Bun

14. Brace by Sulla

15. Untitled Ficlet by feuervogel87

16. Extrapolation by louiex

17. Untitled by Anon

18. The Issue of Balliot's Doctrine by Beedlebarg

19. Oh, But You're An Explosion by Mardia

20. Reliability of Reality by Azure_Horizon
(WARNING: Sleep sex, but there is an established relationship)

21. The Fundamental Theorem of Calculusby Cheeky-Vim
(Consists of three parts)

22. Talk About The Blind Leading The Visually Challenged by pforte
Sequel: The Game Is On. It Is So On.

23. A Taste of Perfection by ahrias_escape

24. 'Tis the Season by Fenm

25. Tie You Down or Hold You Up by toestastegood

26. Rimming by spikeface

27. Leave a Trail by Sirona-gs

28. Opposites by Sulla

29. Resistance by Anon
(Scroll down the page to find all the parts)

30. A Strange Fear by Sirona-gs

31. Angelo's by your-icequeen

32. Rimming by Emerald_embers

33. Art of Christmas Tree Decoration by Lysistrata

34. To Our Hearts by blacktablet

35. Desk Job by random_nexus

36. Sweet Taste of Control by toestastegood

37. A One Bed Problem by Sulla
Sequel: A One Bed Problem: The Next Day

38. Gentle Lovemaking by softly-smile

39. Untitled by toestastegood

40. If You Find Yourself Against Yourself by roseganymede

41. Sound and Fury by warriorbot
(WARNINGS: drug use, fist-fights, and BDSM)

42. Uniform by entangled_now

43. Armour by entangled_now
(Coat Kink)

44. Bedside Manners by beansidhe-baby

45. I'm Good To Go (For Something Golden) by thedragonpen

46. Untitled by ladyflowdi
(Comment fic)

47. Game Theory by cyerus
Sequel: Zero Sum Games

48. ...But Never Roses by loveslashangst

49. Take It Like A Man by Sulla

50. Against the Window by verizonhorizon

51. Yes by mresundance

52. The Undoing Of A Doctor by wihluta

53. The Three Steps of Submission by by s0mmerspr0ssen

54. And You're the Prize by giddygeek
(slight restraints)

55. Timeline by entangled_now

56. The Missing Piece by alinewritesFor the Screams

57. The Long Game by stardust_made

58. The Doctor and The Detective by artofdeduction
Sequel/extended version: The Doctor and The Detective. - Behind Closed Doors

59. What It’s Become by paddlicons

60. Points of View by the-mad-fangirl
This is the Squeal to Threshold

61. Of Mortuaries and Riding Crops by Sulla

62. Take by Anon
(Warnings: BDSM and scroll down to "Take")

63. Little Red Jumper by okubyo-kitsune

64. Shots by Sulla
(Warning: exhibitionism)

65. Scars by Sulla
(Warnings: jnifeplay, blood tasting, and scarification)

66. Untitled by the_rust_bird
(Scroll down to "Fill")

67. Untitled by darkwolf218
(Scroll down to "Fill! Couldn't Resist")

68. Drifting by anonykink

69. 5 Times John saved a Packmate & 1 Time his mate saved him by AraSigyrn
(Werewolf!John and light R)

70. Crazy Eights by Sulla
(This is the end of a trilogy, yet Top!Sherlock doesn't show up until now.)

71. Give Me a Moment by mazarin221b

72. Untitled by Anon
(Warning: felching)

73. Untitled by faeryqueen07
(Warnings: rimming and felching)
Sequel: Wrecked

74. Getting the Message by loveslashangst
(Warnings: Lots of talk of Top!John, but Surpise Top!Sherlock at the end)

75. The Love Song of Dr. John H. Watson by kate-lear
(Warnings: Some murder descriptions)

76. Savagely Brutal and Utterly Divine by ptelefolone
(Warning: Dark(evil?)!Sherlock)

77. Bodies, Rest, and Motion by mysterypoet66
(Warnings: language and light BDSM)

78. Aural Sensitivity by ihuntyoudown
(Warnings: voice porn, AU, BDSM, D/s, light R, and some suicide mentioning in the beginning)

79. Flood With Light by finangler
(Warning: dub-con (not outright violent rape though) and Dark!Sherlock)

80. A Touch Sensitive by auntpurl or filthgoblin
(Warnings: light R and glove kink)

81. The Love Song of Dr. John H. Watson by kate-lear
(Warning: Some gruesome descriptions of murder)

82. Too Good to Waste by kirakira-nanoda

83. "Sally Donovan's Legs" by innie_darling
(Warnings: some brief Sally/Sherlock)

84. Those Fingers by random-nexus

85. I'll Go Back and Edit This When I've Thought of Something Clever by ladyblahblah

86. Autopsis by spikeface
(Warnings: violence and Dark!Sherlock)

87. Captain John Watson, Genetics, and Other Crazy Things by cyerus
(Warning: light R?)

88. The Amazing Race by sc010f
(Warnings: crack sex(?), Mycroft/Anthea, and implied Lestrade/Sarah)

89. Some People Find Dodgy Dancing Sexy by mistyzeo

90. Broke by quamquam20
(Warnings: dub-con and voyeurism)

91. Long fingers by anon

92. Experiment by Sarren

93. Tagged by fanbot
(Warnings: Non-physical dom/sub and military kink)

94. Elegie by your-icequeen
(Warnings: Suicidal thoughts, alcoholism, and character death (in the Reichenbach Falls kinda way)
Part 2

95. The Red Box: Part 1
The Red Box: Part 2 by cleo-2010

96. John is a Cockslut by Anon
Sequel: Giving & Taking

97. Touch by insane-pyro-fic

98. Blowjob by toestastegood

99. Manhandling by toestastegood

100. Untitled by stupidmuse_hate

101. The Rush by jaune-chat

102. Still Mine by danglingdingle
(Warnings: Necrophilia, so I guess dub-con) (Sigh, I did say I would put up ALL Top!Sherlock/John on this list)
NOTE: on this site you need to be 18 and over. I am not here to police what people read, so please use your judgement.

103. Ring the Bells by Leloi
NOTE: on this site you need to be 18 and over. I am not here to police what people read, so please use your judgement.

104. For John's Sake, Remember the Guilt by Anon
(Warnings: D/s, some bloodplay, candle play, and this link also includes a sequel)

105. I Could Make Your Whole World Sweet by wallhaditcoming
(Warnings: mentions of John/OMF and Sherlock/OMC but nothing explicit and at its core it is Sherlock/John and it is a BDSM AU)

106. Pulse Points by jerel
(Warning: drug use)

107. The Dangerous Edge of Things aka Sherlock Holmes has a Boyfriend who lives in Canada Part 1 by dreamingrain
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

108. Meeting the Family
by kate-lear

109. Strike, Touch, Scratch by
(Warnings: No actual intercourse, but it is still R, and there spanking)

110. Teacher, Teacher by Anon

111. I Can't Believe What I've Found by mazarin221b

112. Untitled Fill by anon

113. Untitled by Anon
(Warning: I am pretty sure I added this already, but I can't find it. If anyone finds that this has been repeated, please tell me which one. :)

114. Untitled by Anon
(Warning: Same with this one. Pretty sure I had it up before)

115. Untitled by Anon

116. Untitled by Anon
(Warning: Fisting)

117. Untitled by Anon
(Warning: Um its Top!Sherlock, but there is a surprise finger at the end)

118. Headspace by deuxexmycroft
(Warnings: rape, nightmares, description of torture, character death (sort of), yet this does have a good ending)

119. Untitled by Anon
(Warning: Non-Conish, but a bit more than Dub-con)

120. Too good to waste by kirakira-nanoda
(Warning: flexi-sex)

121. More Than Enough For Me by kirakira-nanoda

122. Author, Author by arianedevere

123. Once I Saw Him in the Moonlight by softandwoollen
(Warning: bestiality)

124. On the Bottom by as_i_am

125. Portrait of a Friendship by mazarin221b
(Waring: this is actually apart of a series but Top!Sherlock hasn't shown up until now)

126. Untitled by bektehgreat

127. In My Master’s House Are Many Rooms by brighteyed-jill
(Warnings: "present slave AU, so slavery and inherent consent issues therein, non- and dub-con (plus uncouth justification of such), humiliation, unhealthy D/s dynamics, corporal punishment (including gratuitous use of a riding crop)")

128. The Trouble With Truth Serum... Part II by cleo-2010
(Warnings: a touch of dub-con and this is the second part of a series. The Top! Sherlock only shows up now)

129. Untitled Sherlock Sentinel AU by nei-fic

130. Because Sherlock and Bees are like.... Butter and Hunny by anon

131. http://kirakira-nanoda.tumblr.com/post/7719815138/fic-sunday-mornings by kirakira-nanoda

132. Scars to Remember by kirakira-nanoda
(Warnings: "Use of a riding crop, inflicting pain (a touch of S&M?)")

133. Sick Day by blackout9

134. Assistanceby deuxexmycroft
(Warnings: "very very non-con, manipulative Sherlock")

135. Antidoteby pint_of_boyd
(Warning: Drug use)

136. Untitled by Anon
(Warning: Dragon porn and AU. Read ALL the way down. The format of the different stories is messy and I can't link to them correctly. So to get all the Dragon porn, please just read the page.

137. Sleeping With Dragons by Random_nexus
(Warnings: Dragon porn and AU)

138. Untitled by Anon

139. Untitledby Anon

140. Sacrilegeby Atlinmerrick
(Warning: Religious sexuality?)

141. Untitled truthwritaslies
(Warning: light bondage)

142. When the Dawn Comes Upby lotherington
(Warning: part of a series, but this part has Sherlock/John)

143. Nonverbal Cuesby e-lucy-date

144. Microphilia by deuxexmycroft
(Waring: LITTLE John)

145. Turpentine and Patches by thisprettywren
(Warning: Bondage)

146. A Crazy Little Cock Race by atlinmerrick

147. His Lap Fullby lucybun

148. Seven Hours in the Sunby hyacinth_sky747

149. Boundby misanthropyray
(Warning: Tentacles)

150. The Mercy of Deathby janescott

151. Trigger Finger By Anon

152. Even On the Cover of Daylight by bulletthestars
(Warning: Brother incest role-play of sixth form boys)

153. Untitled by Anon
(Light r and math kink)

154. One by sc010f
(Warning: reference to violence)

155. Intentions by Fenm
(Warnings: Bondage and mild consent issues at the beginning)

156. Take Me With You by irisbleufic
(Warning: Light r)

157. The Raven by novadiab1o

158. Light & Dark by ununpentium
(Warning: Angst)

159. The Rush by jaune-chat
((Warning: Telepathy?)

160. And You I Crave by softandwoollen
(Warnings: Omega/Alpha Universe, impregnation kink, and animal traits (knotting).)

161. Your Idea Of Fun by berlynnsherlock

162. Shiver by prettyarbitrary

163. Treasure Me by Anon
(Warning: Smuaglock a.k.a Semi Dragon Sherlock)

164. The Absence of Thought
(Warning: Dub-Con, Alpha/Omega. And scroll down to the bottom to get to the fic. It is the second fill)
Note: This now has a sequel. It is placed right after the first story on the page and it is called, "In the Presence of Your Thoughts ".

165. Trust Issues by thisprettywren
(Warnings: Dom/Sub, blindfolds, handcuffs, and voicekink)

166. Size Matters by toestastegood
(Warning: size kink)

167. Take Me Through the Night by Mazarin221b

168. There's a Place Downtown by fenm

169. The Blown Fuse by atlinmerrick

170. Lovely by charlotteyonge

171. Stringplay by Pretty Arbitrary
(Warning: sexy violin)

172. A Little Birdie Told Me: Salt, Fire, Babies & Evil by atlinmerrick

173. Song For the Asking by http://aurora-boreali

174. Untitled by blue-eyed-1987
Note: Hand porn

175. Shhhhhh! by atlinmerrick

176. First Night Out by verityburns

177. Trust by Anonymous
(Warnings: Slight scientist roleplay and bondage)
178. by

179. Slippery When Wet by Fenm
(Warnings: School au and slight exhibitionism)

180. Battle Stratagem for the Domesticated Male by what-alchemy
(Warning: Older versions of Sherlock and John)

181. Down We Go by rotaryphones
(Warnings: Sequel to Under Control, D/s, and hypnosis)

182. I Don't Know Why (I Didn't Think of This Before) by doodle-writes
(Warnings: butt plugs, come-play, rimming, felching, and sex in a public place)

183. The Spot of Art by sc010f
(Warnings: Light r)

184. Sneeze by Anonymous

185. Nonverbal Cues by E_Lucy_ Date

186. Seven Hours in the Sun by http://hyacinth-sky747

187. Sherlock's Laboratory by Berlynn_Wohl
(Note: This is a series, but this chapter can been see as a one shot)
(Warnings: clones, foursome, and double penetration)

188. Experiments in the Culinary Arts by Ingenious_spark

189. Discipline by Wooblyzoopzoop

190. Tease by Exbex
(warning: bondage)

191. Physics by ununpentium
(Warning: Parody sex)

192. How to Tame Your Dragon by Mad-Maudlin
(Warnings:Dub-Con, kidnapping, manipulation, mind-fuck, D/s, Dragon!John)

193. Trust by heeroluva
(Warnings: Nonpenetrative sex, D/s, bondage, nipple-play, sensation play, edging, slight-pain play, and clothing kink)

194. Moriarty's Evil Plan by OperaGoose
(Note: This is a series of oneshots)
(Warnings: dub-con, bondage, and Au)

195. It Isn't Nice To Tease by OperaGoose
(Warnings: dub-conish, sexual torture, and bondage)

196. Untitled by Anonymouse
(Warnings: Mpreg and pregnant sex)

197. Swallow You Whole by Lindentreeisle (Captainblue)
(Warnings: Non-con/Dub-con, Stockholm Syndrome, brainwashing, hurt/comfort, vampires, and au)

198. As Good a Place as Any by Emma_Elicit

199. Untitled Lap Sex by Prettyarbitrary

200. There's a Place Downtown by by Fenm
(Warnings: Homophobia, drug-use, semi-public sex)
(Note: The sequel to this is: Play Thing
(Warnings: D/s, mild B/D, mild humiliation, objectification, and self-objectification)

201. Untitled by Anonymous
(Warnings: Food au, crack, and food sex)

202. More Than Serial Killers by brisingrdraumar
(Warnings: graphic fingering and mention of mpreg?)

203. Heatwave by kirakira-nanoda

204. Shame is Overrated by PrettyArbitrary
(Warnings: Crack, Genderfuck, and semi-Fem!John?)

205. Bird in an Aviary by misanthropyray
(Warnings: Crack, John has wings, and Sherlock is a centaur)

206. The Curious Case of the Six Arm Bands by Anonymous
(Warnings: Au, consent issues, corporal punishment, and D/s)

207. Broken Dreams and Healing Wheels by Dweo
(Warnings: injury and paraplegic sex)

208. Eight Reasons by htebazytook

209. These Days You Don't Know How to March by cranberryloops
(Warnings: BDSM, breathplay, non-graphic violence)

210. Dreaming in Lucidity by Keelywolfe
(Warning: sleepy sex)

211. The Flower That Smiles Today by songlin
(Warning: nipple play)

212. Blown Glass by Vampira Maxwell (traciller)
(Warnings: exhibitionism and Vamp!Sherlock)

213. What Big Eyes You Have! by Raspberry-Beret101
(Warnings: AU and character death (I promise its not angst))

214. A Study in Frustration by mugenmine
(Warnings: Dubious Consent, Bondage, Forced Orgasm, and S&M)

215. Cross Wired by PrettyArbitrary
(Warnings: [Its a long list ^^] Triggers, Dubious Consent, Rape, Violent sexual fantasies, Sensory Deprivation, Knifeplay, Asphyxiation, Bloodplay, Snuff fantasies, Bondage, Discussion of Major Character Death, Possessive Behavior, Captivity, Rough Sex, Unsafe Sex, Bad Decisions, and Dark!fluff) (I promise its not this bad. :) (I quite like this story)






Long Stories (20,000 words and up) (There are some exceptions for word limit)

1. The Cornish Horror: Or, How John Watson Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sherlock Holmes
by finangler
(Warnings: drug use, language, light R)

2. The Great Amendment of 1998 by ihuntyoudown
(Warnings: AU, BDSM, and D/s)

3. Thrall by Velvet_Mace
(Warnings: vampire AU, some violence, non-con themes, Mycroft/Lestrade, and some BDSM)
Note: The link is for chapter five, but the first four chapters are all conveniently link there.

4.Evidence of Human Life by thesardine
Part 2
Part 3
Note: This is technically a little bit over 17,000 words, but it is meant to be seen as a long story I think)

5. Remain with Me by ends-of-time
(Warnings: This is an "ongoing series". I asked the author and she/he said that the readers could stop at anytime in the story and it would make sense. She/he adds, not updates, extra snippets when she/he gets an idea. So this is an exception to the complete rule, since the story itself is complete, but we still get extras every few months. The links for the next story in the series are at the bottom of each page.

6. Meet me inside by wakeneve
(Warning: Prison au, D/s themes, and Dub-con ish)
Note: This is also around 18,000 words, but it is meant to be a long story.)

7. 26 Pieces by Lanning
(Warnings: torture and just a hint of a finger at the end)

8. Man and Beast by jupiter-ash
(Warnings: Kidnapping, dubcon,(were)wolves getting frisky and licky (not outright bestiality though), sex in public, scientific experiments, torture, and violence)

9. (Life is) A Series of Risks by Ladyflowdi
(Warnings: Au, kid fic, angst, temporary character death, suicidal thoughts, violence, abuse, and PTSD)

10. Please God, Let Me Live by FlitterFlutterFly
(Warnings: BDSM universe, Violence, Torture, Punishment, Explicit Sex, and some bottom!Top!Sherlock? Trust me, he is in charge, it bug me AT ALL. Totally made sense and not OC. Just read the story, it is awesome :) )

NOTE: Dreamwidth back-up pages:
Top!Sherlock/Bottom!John: http://hestiahetria.dreamwidth.org/505.html
Top!Holmes/Bottom!Watson: http://hestiahetria.dreamwidth.org/626.html

If I have missed some stories, please doesn't hesitate to tell me. I'll add them as soon as a I can.

Good news everyone! Alicombs has offered to take over the list!

We are still in the middle of setting up the new list, but watch this space for a link to the new list. :)

Thank you Alicombs! :D


Top!Holmes/Bottom!Watson List

So, after many requests, I decided it was time that I complied the Top!Holmes/Watson list. This list will include all types of Canon Holmes/Watson. That includes everything up from the books to the 09 movie. If Holmes smokes a pipe and Watson has Victorian morals, its in here. That said, PLEASE HELP WITH THIS LIST. I do not have as many book marks for Holmes/Watson as I do for Sherlock/John. I haven't had the time to dive into the fandom archives. So I don't see this as the ultimate list at the moment. It is being worked on and I would appreciate if people sent in stories I haven't found yet. Thank you.

Just to reiterate (again):

• These fanfics rating's will consist of R-18 only.

• All of these fanfic are completed.

• This will not be a rec list. I do have favorites, but the fanfic that will be published on this journal is simply a collection of all the Sherlock/John fanfic I have found out there.

• There are very few long fics, I'll have more time after Finals.

• I don't mean to start a position(?) war. If you like Watson/Holmes, that's fine too. This is just my personal kink.

Now on with the list:

1.Filling In the Details by ladyblahblah

2.The Left Hand Path by ingridmatthews
(Warning: Witch AU)

3.A Hint of a Spark by foxxcub
(Warning: Hooker AU)

4.A Question Of Timing by wave_of_sorrow
(Warnings: D/s and spanking)

5.His Non-Native Tongue by spacemutineer

6.Brilliant, Brilliant Brilliance by pyro_o
(Warning: uses Sherlock and John yet it was written before the BBC version so college AU, mention of John with others, and naughty uses of the violin bow)

7.Possible, Probable not available yet

8.Untitled by starlingthefool
(Warning: Medical School AU?)

9.Any Small Assistance by unsettled
Warnings: Breathplay and corsets)

10.Four Minor Interludes for the Solo Violin by katieforsythe
(Warnings: Just click next entry for the next part and mention of cocaine)

11.Feltily Ever After by pro-prodigy
(Warning: Hat sex? and light R)

12.Happy Anniversary, My Dear
by pro-prodigy

13.Unconventional Cures by toestastegood
(Warnings: "Dub/non-con of the "fuck or die" variety; lol!science" and a a small element of blackwood/Watson/Holmes, really small)

14.A Little Vanilla is Good for the Soul by toestastegood

15.Hey Jealousy by Felicia Angel

16.Selling Watson, in Four Parts by circa1220bce
(Warnings: light D/s and mentions of slavery)

17.Closer by crocodile_eat_u

18.Untitled by wave_of_sorrow
(Warnings: D/s and spanking)

19.Pretend by kirakira-nanoda

20.Untitled by redconverse

21. At a Blind Corner by byeggshellseas
(Warnings: spanking and some D/s elements)

22.There Was No Longer Any Eeason to Tear by echoindarkness

23.The Heavens Opened by Sparkle_Free

24.JHW - Or How Sherlock Holmes Came by the Peculiar Marks On His Wrist by echoindarkness

25. Closer by crocodile-eat-u


The Top!Sherlock/John List has been updated!
For anyone who is watching this journal, I just updated the Sherlock/John list.

First Entry

I've had a Livejournal for years, but it was only used for commenting and reading porn (well at least I'm honest). I can't draw and I don't write fanfiction, essentially I am a lurker. So no doubt you are wondering why I am even writing an entry. This will only take three simple words: THE SHERLOCK FANDOM.

Yes, after many years moving around from fandom to fandom, I have finally found a fandom that has kept me interested for more than a month. I could go on and on at how amazing the whole Sherlock experience is -I probably will at a later date. Yet, the only present reason for this journal is to organize fanfiction.

I have a predilection for Top!Sherlock/John. That is not to say I don't like John/Sherlock, I just tend to like Sherlock/John a bit more. A few weeks ago I was recommending a list of Top!Sherlock fanfic to velvet_mace. She then recommend I make this list public. So that's the purpose of this list; since John/Sherlock fanfiction greatly out-numbers Sherlock/John fanfiction for some reason.

Now time for the facts:

• These fanfics rating's will consist of R-18 only.

• All of these fanfic are completed.

• This will not be a rec list. I do have favorites, but the fanfic that will be published on this journal is simply a collection of all the Sherlock/John fanfic I have found out there.

• At the moment I will only have the Sherlock/John pairing on here. This isn't to say I may not have other pairings on here, but at the moment I don't know.

• Now that those notices are out of the way, I hope who ever reads this will enjoy the list.

P.S. If anyone finds a Top!Sherlock that I don't have, please send or comment a link for me and I will add it!
P.S.S I don't mean to start a position(?) war. If you like John/Sherlock, that's fine too.




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